Ethan Yen


Crafter of stories and worlds using words and dice.

Latest Projects

Sorcerous Origin: Ghost-Touched

Cover-1Whether you are the result of a phasing experiment gone wrong, a victim of ghostly possession, or a lingering soul incompletely reincarnated into a new body, you have an innate tie to the Ethereal Plane, allowing you to draw power from its spectral mists to fuel your magic.

Some Ghost-Touched use their gifts to establish peace, acting as a medium between the planes and aiding restless spirits in their search for final rest. Others use their abilities for more covert purposes, serving as thieves or spies by slipping through material defenses


Current Projects


12 Days of Midwinter


One Page RPG: Kobold Keep

While your Leader is off on vacation, they’ve left you with the all-important job of protecting the keep from pesky adventurers who see your home as little more than a stepping stone to greatness. While you may be small and weak compared to the intruders, you know every trap, every monster, and every room in the keep…at least, you should. With a mix of ingenuity, luck, and a lot of teamwork, you may live to die another day!