Game Design

To Each, Our Own Battles – An adventure for 11th-16th level characters


A woman is on the run, endlessly pursued by a curse spawned from one of the most fabled magic items in the game of Dungeons & Dragons. Even with the help of powerful adventurers, in the end, only you can kill your own demons. 




Sorcerous Origin: Ghost-Touched


Whether you are the result of a phasing experiment gone wrong, a victim of ghostly possession, or a lingering soul incompletely reincarnated into a new body, you have an innate tie to the Ethereal Plane, allowing you to draw power from its spectral mists to fuel your magic.

Some Ghost-Touched use their gifts to establish peace, acting as a medium between the planes and aiding restless spirits in their search for final rest. Others use their abilities for more covert purposes, serving as thieves or spies by slipping through material defenses. 


One Poached Egg – An adventure for 1st-4th level characters


A curious young boy has gone missing, and the only lead is the wreckage of a wagon full of illicit animal parts and broken cages hidden in the forest. It’s up to you to find him, and any other lost souls, and return them all home. 




A Silver of Truth – An adventure for 8th level characters.


The late Lord Silverstaff has left his youngest son with the ancestral family home of Eastrush Manor. There’s just one catch — Eastrush Manor disappeared nearly one hundred years ago. In the past few days, the Manor has returned — but only for a minute at the stroke of midnight before disappearing once more. You have been tasked with discovering the cause of this disappearing Manor and securing the young lord’s inheritance. However, what remains inside the Manor could complicate matters…and reveal a dark family history…

Winter’s Spark – An introductory adventure for 1st-4th level characters.

Winter's Spark

Every year, the town of Pembleton hosts one of the grandest Midwinter Festival’s in the area – full of games, hot pembelon cider, bright candles, and plenty of joy. But this year, the townsfolk have been experiencing thefts of their pembelon stalls, and the harvesters have been driven away by rumors of a snow beast in the forest. When the adventurers investigate, they uncover a mystery that will bring out the warmth of the Midwinter season. 


The Bell of Silence (27 January, 2018)

We all need someone to share the burden of our secrets.

Song of the Mute (7 May 2014)

The call is irresistible, especially to those who deny it.

Yesterdays (PDF, 28 March 2013)

If I told you I was a spy, would you believe me?

Building A Home (28 March 2011)

A wizened artisan and a young prodigy, tasked with creating a home for a King.

Lyfe (Nanowrimo 2010)

It is a special kind of torture, to have lost all hope, only to find it once again.

A Leaf (18 October 2009)

There are beings who have lived, and will continue to live, beyond our lifetimes.









Ethan writes short stories and content for tabletop role-playing games—mainly Dungeons & Dragons (D&D). His adventures focus on emotional themes, problem-solving, and opportunities for character development while incorporating action-packed encounters and evocative environments.

When not writing, Ethan works as a wastewater design engineer, contributing to the maintenance and creation of civil infrastructure inspired by the Science-Fiction and Fantasy stories he enjoys.

Commissions are open for opportunities in tabletop role-playing game writing and design. He can be reached via Twitter or the contact form below.