The Bell of Silence (27 January, 2018)

We all need someone to share the burden of our secrets.

Song of the Mute (7 May 2014)

The call is irresistible, especially to those who deny it.

Yesterdays (PDF, 28 March 2013)

If I told you I was a spy, would you believe me?

Building A Home (28 March 2011)

A wizened artisan and a young prodigy, tasked with creating a home for a King.

Lyfe (Nanowrimo 2010)

It is a special kind of torture, to have lost all hope, only to find it once again.

The Point Of It (Spring 2010)

We teeter on the edge, a single slip can send us towards a different end.

Little Red Riding Hood (21 March 2009)

A flight into the woods for a glimpse of what cannot be.

A Leaf (18 October 2009)

There are beings who have lived, and will continue to live, beyond our lifetimes.