Estate of Play

You are the Executor of an eccentric millionaire’s estate.

Take potential heirs on elaborate challenges while determining who killed your client.

When there’s a Will…
…There’s a high-stakes competition!

You are a probate attorney at a law firm that specializes in the execution of the wills of eccentric millionaires.

Normally, this involves meticulously organizing elaborate scavenger hunts, indulgent galas, or absurd weeks-long competitions.

This time around, you received a letter from your Client after their untimely death describing their belief that one of the potential heirs may have murderous intent. Not only will you be hosting elaborate challenges to determine who will be the principal beneficiary of your Client’s estate, you must discover who the killer is at the same time.

Estate of Play is a single player mystery journaling game using the Hints and Hijinx System developed by Pandion Games. 

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