The Fire Rekindled

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A Two-Hour to Four-Hour Adventure for 5th-10th level characters. Optimized for average party level 8.

Whispers have arrived of an assassination attempt on the Mage Rymdyl. While the mage has made her presence known by bringing about peace across the Border Kingdoms, as of late she remains unseen, isolated inside her tower. Plagued by ghosts of the past and twisted visions of a land in conflict, Rymdyl will need help to discover the true enemy and protect her newly resurrected life.

An Adventurers League-legal adventure that continues the events in the Border Kingdoms, as played in previous years at Gamehole Con. Protect a resurrected mage from assassination from the shadows of her past as she struggles with adjusting to a changed world. This adventure premiered at 2020 Virtual Gamehole Con.