Border Kingdoms 2022

Peace is fleeting within the Border Kingdoms. Remnants of the Thayan Invasion seep into everyday life, with highway robbers growing emboldened with flesh warping mutations, artificers tinkering with Far Realm magic, and wreckage of flying ships attracting foolish smugglers and undersea predators…

…From the neighboring Shaar, a pride of Wemics make there way into the Border Kingdoms, bearing a prophecy of extraplanar visitors – some enemies and some allies, but which is which?

…As the prophecy comes to fruition, Borderers from all over must unite to fend off the attackers. However, the appearance of the Red Wizards once more raises suspicions of a greater scheme in the works. A brave group of adventurers must infiltrate the enemy base, using whatever spells, weapons, and spelljamming ships at their disposal.

…The arrival of the Wild Space invaders has torn a rift in the sky, where an immense, contorted limb hangs precariously over the land…

These Adventurers League legal modules were written for the Border Kingdoms, which premiered at at 2022 Gamehole Con. The Loresmiths (creative team and project managers) for this season included Joe Alfano, Tim Mangan, Rick O’Donnell, and Ethan Yen. Tim Mangan served as lead editor. Cover art by Matthew Sargent.

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