Border Kingdoms 2020

Mage Rymdal thought that her troubling visions of death and destruction would end when Sir Avallar the Death Knight and his forces were soundly defeated by the heroes of the Border Kingdoms.  The celebration and cries of victory from the rulers of the Kingdoms were supposed to herald a new time of peace and tranquility…but this is the Border Kingdoms, where rulers rise and fall like the waves crashing upon the shore – conflict is essential for the Kingdoms to exist.  

Rumors abound of a rise in the Bloodreavers, a sect of the slain god, Garagos. The Bloodreavers believe that any increase in war and aggression that is carried out in the name of Garagos will increase their god’s power and eventually bring him into his rightful place as the penultimate God of War. Behind all of this is a masterful bard, known only as the “Whispered Word”.  With twisted words, clandestine promises, and subtle deeds, this mastermind corrupts the many rulers of the Border Kingdoms, stoking the flames of rivalry and ambition that are ever present among the Kingdoms and readying the land for an eternal conflict worthy of Garagos’ return.

Mage Rymdal seeks allies to fight back this mysterious threat and preserve her beloved homeland. Two forces clash in the shadows, vying for the very identity of the Border Kingdoms…

These Adventurers League legal modules were written for the Border Kingdoms, which premiered at at the 2020 Virtual Gamehole Con. The Loresmiths (creative team and project managers) for this season included Joe Alfano, Tim Mangan, Rick O’Donnell, and Ethan Yen. Border Kingdoms map by Mike Schley.