A Silver of Truth

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An Adventure for 8th level characters.

The youngest son of a noble lord has inherited the ancestral family home of Eastrush Manor. There’s just one catch — Eastrush Manor disappeared nearly one hundred years ago. In the past few days, the Manor has returned — but only for a minute at the stroke of midnight before disappearing once more. A group of adventurers have been tasked with discovering the cause of this disappearing Manor and securing the young lord’s inheritance. However, what remains inside the Manor could complicate matters…and reveal a dark family history…

This best-selling adventure is a mix of exploration and combat, with a small cast of characters with conflicting but connected motivations. Characters will piece together the mystery of the disappearing manor and explore said manor to reveal its secrets in immersive ways. Combat encounters include role-playing elements, stealth missions and pre-combat strategy. The adventure presents a complicated situation in which characters will have to chart out the best path forward – and is meant to be open ended to provide plenty of hooks for further adventures.