The Division of Districts and People

After watching the latest Hunger Games movie, Catching Fire, one of the many things I began wondering was  “How did 12 Districts come to be?” For those who aren’t familiar with the Hunger Games Trilogy (don’t worry, I haven’t read any of the books), the nation of Panem is a dystopian North America divided into … Continue reading The Division of Districts and People


A New Perspective

Ok, so I really should be studying for finals right now, but I just have a few things to say. I just want to remind everyone that in the midst of all – be it finals, family troubles, financial troubles, ect. – to maintain perspective. It may not seem true right now, but life is … Continue reading A New Perspective

After the End

Decaying ruins consumed by vegetation, buckling roads littered with broken-down cars, bomb-blasted wastelands under a polluted sky – remnants of a once thriving technological civilization, now monuments to that civilization’s downfall. These images are becoming all too familiar in today’s society, not because they are the scenes we see when we look out our windows, … Continue reading After the End