A New Perspective

Ok, so I really should be studying for finals right now, but I just have a few things to say. I just want to remind everyone that in the midst of all – be it finals, family troubles, financial troubles, ect. – to maintain perspective. It may not seem true right now, but life is … Continue reading A New Perspective


Strangling the Renaissance (Wo)man

Albert Einstein is most well-known for his work in theoretical physics and his famous mass-energy equivalence formula (E=mc^2). However, not many people know that Einstein also contributed to Geology with his paper on Baer’s Law, played the violin, and was offered presidency by the country of Israel. Besides being an excellent painter, Leonardi da Vinci … Continue reading Strangling the Renaissance (Wo)man

After the End

Decaying ruins consumed by vegetation, buckling roads littered with broken-down cars, bomb-blasted wastelands under a polluted sky – remnants of a once thriving technological civilization, now monuments to that civilization’s downfall. These images are becoming all too familiar in today’s society, not because they are the scenes we see when we look out our windows, … Continue reading After the End