Engineered Ecologies

Hurricane Sandy has come and gone, yet those who experienced its intense water and winds are still feeling the effects. Since I attend University on the East Coast, I have heard many stories of friends and family affects by the hurricane, with only some families having basic services such as hot water, heat and electricity … Continue reading Engineered Ecologies

Working With What You Have

Tall glass buildings, white paved wide streets, winding rivers and green parks with large trees surround you as you head out into the city. It’s a beautiful blue day, with a few fluffy clouds dotting the sky along with the rows of flying cars going by. You pass by many other pedestrians who also decided … Continue reading Working With What You Have

Urban Acupuncture – The Ripple Effect

On one of my Stumblings (I admit, I use StumbleUpon, it's a nice way to learn new things related to your interests) I came across a Non-Profit Organization called Arch-Peace which, as the name suggests, contains architects, planners, environmentalists and engineers from all parts of the globe in support of design for the public good. … Continue reading Urban Acupuncture – The Ripple Effect