Benefits of Green Infrastructure

After finishing my last essay of the year, I have now completed my Freshman year at university. And just like so many other engineers, after I finish writing, I can’t help but use my free time to keep writing! (Which is, of course, a joke. Apparently engineers who actually like to write are few and … Continue reading Benefits of Green Infrastructure

Powered by Elec-tree-city

We get our energy from a variety of sources, some more environmentally harmful than others. There’s fossil fuels, natural gas, hydropower, geothermal, solar power, wind power, biomass, and I’m sure I’m forgetting some other commonly used forms of energy production. Energy is what keeps not only machines and technology running, it’s what keeps us living … Continue reading Powered by Elec-tree-city

Working With What You Have

Tall glass buildings, white paved wide streets, winding rivers and green parks with large trees surround you as you head out into the city. It’s a beautiful blue day, with a few fluffy clouds dotting the sky along with the rows of flying cars going by. You pass by many other pedestrians who also decided … Continue reading Working With What You Have

If You Have It, Why Not Flaunt It?

Despite one of my New Years Resolutions being “write more”, I have only managed to write two posts and it’s already halfway through January. I’ve been taking advantage of the last few days of my winter break by starting a little story that was in my mind (apparently, it was in my mind for quite … Continue reading If You Have It, Why Not Flaunt It?

Societal Behavior and/or Technological Innovations

One of the greatest (and worst) things about university life is the fact that there is always something going on. Every other room is occupied by a group of people at almost any point in the day, the problem is finding out about the events that you are interested. I make it a little habit … Continue reading Societal Behavior and/or Technological Innovations

Straight out of Fantasy: Tree Bridges

I came across this one new story on SmartPlanet about Bridges that are formed by tree roots. Apparently, the people of India (that live in these forests) have practiced this form of ''tree shaping'' for quite awhile, around 500 years ago. They help guide the root growth of these trees by using branches to help … Continue reading Straight out of Fantasy: Tree Bridges