After the End

Decaying ruins consumed by vegetation, buckling roads littered with broken-down cars, bomb-blasted wastelands under a polluted sky – remnants of a once thriving technological civilization, now monuments to that civilization’s downfall. These images are becoming all too familiar in today’s society, not because they are the scenes we see when we look out our windows, … Continue reading After the End

At the Precipice…

I once heard that the United Nations had appointed a scientist to be the Official Liaison for Outer Space Affairs. It was said that her job was to be the first contact in the event that an extraterrestrial species tried to make contact with Earth. Basically, she is the person that the aliens want to … Continue reading At the Precipice…

Some Thoughts on Music

Music is a mysterious thing. It has the ability to express emotions and memories without using a single word. I guess that's why some people call it the universal language (or I guess you could consider math that). This quality is what attracts so many people to the study of music, the performance of music, … Continue reading Some Thoughts on Music

What do Oz, Wonderland and Neverland all have in common?

They have all been revisited by the folks at Syfy. That's right, it seems that Syfy channel (previously Sci-fi channel) has decided to make all their past three miniseries based upon fantastical children tales. And I'm not complaining, I greatly enjoy new stories based in old worlds, especially those dealing with well-known stories, it gives a whole new … Continue reading What do Oz, Wonderland and Neverland all have in common?