Computing with Water

Water seems like such a mundane material, yet it covers roughly 70% of the Earth’s surface area and is essential to sustain all living organisms on this planet. Water is used in many basic chemical reactions, but in its purest form, doesn’t do anything exciting. That’s why I found this article: Gardens as Crypto-Water-Computers, written … Continue reading Computing with Water

After the End

Decaying ruins consumed by vegetation, buckling roads littered with broken-down cars, bomb-blasted wastelands under a polluted sky – remnants of a once thriving technological civilization, now monuments to that civilization’s downfall. These images are becoming all too familiar in today’s society, not because they are the scenes we see when we look out our windows, … Continue reading After the End

Disney Creates Magic We Can Use

A while ago, I wrote a post about generating electricity through the use of trees. In the end, I imagined replacing our current wires-and-steel power plants with lush green forests. Well, apparently we are getting one step closer to replacing inanimate products with biological products. A research team at Disney (yes, Disney, I’m not sure … Continue reading Disney Creates Magic We Can Use

Modern-day Weather Machines

It’s certainly been a pretty hot summer this year. In fact, it’s been so hot, us Midwesterners are probably experiencing the worst drought in decades. Although it has rained a little bit these past few days, Summer 2012 has mostly been populated with +100 degree Fahrenheit days, cloudless skies and yellow grass. Crops are withering … Continue reading Modern-day Weather Machines

Straight out of Fantasy: Firefly-inspired Lights

I thought I would write a short little post about a recent innovation that I came across. Scientists at Syracuse University have figured out a way to harness the bioluminescence of fireflies to produce energy-free lights. The process requires the use of nanorods and a technique known as Bioluminescence Resonance Energy Transfer (BRET). Research is … Continue reading Straight out of Fantasy: Firefly-inspired Lights

At the Precipice…

I once heard that the United Nations had appointed a scientist to be the Official Liaison for Outer Space Affairs. It was said that her job was to be the first contact in the event that an extraterrestrial species tried to make contact with Earth. Basically, she is the person that the aliens want to … Continue reading At the Precipice…

Some Thoughts on Music

Music is a mysterious thing. It has the ability to express emotions and memories without using a single word. I guess that's why some people call it the universal language (or I guess you could consider math that). This quality is what attracts so many people to the study of music, the performance of music, … Continue reading Some Thoughts on Music

Through Museums and What I Found There

Museums are great places to hang out. They contain plenty of information that one would probably never look up on one's own, they have open spaces to relax in after hours of walking, they have over-priced cafeteria food for when you're hungry, and a few of them even have interactive displays or live shows. Museums … Continue reading Through Museums and What I Found There