The Art and Engineering of Infrastructure

In a previous post, I brought up the idea of making our city’s infrastructure more aesthetically pleasing. Infrastructure – almost by definition – is hidden, buried underground or constructed in a far-off area away from the central city. By making our infrastructure aesthetically pleasing and placing it at the center of attention, the public has … Continue reading The Art and Engineering of Infrastructure

Interview with the Biobulb Team

Still can’t decide whether or not to support the Biobulb Team? Well, I had the chance to ask two of the members of the team some questions about their project and their thoughts on Synthetic  Biology. Alexandra Cohn (Referred in the interview as AC) is a Junior at the University of Wisconsin – Madison studying … Continue reading Interview with the Biobulb Team

Through Museums and What I Found There

Museums are great places to hang out. They contain plenty of information that one would probably never look up on one's own, they have open spaces to relax in after hours of walking, they have over-priced cafeteria food for when you're hungry, and a few of them even have interactive displays or live shows. Museums … Continue reading Through Museums and What I Found There