Rio+20 – Day 4: Reflections and Firsts

Our day started bright and early, with a wonderful alarm going off at 6:30 AM. Even though our presentations were finished, we continued to have a packed schedule, which was in no way a bad thing. It was both busy and relaxing at the same time. I was ready to tackle the day with whatever … Continue reading Rio+20 – Day 4: Reflections and Firsts

Benefits of Green Infrastructure

After finishing my last essay of the year, I have now completed my Freshman year at university. And just like so many other engineers, after I finish writing, I can’t help but use my free time to keep writing! (Which is, of course, a joke. Apparently engineers who actually like to write are few and … Continue reading Benefits of Green Infrastructure

Working With What You Have

Tall glass buildings, white paved wide streets, winding rivers and green parks with large trees surround you as you head out into the city. It’s a beautiful blue day, with a few fluffy clouds dotting the sky along with the rows of flying cars going by. You pass by many other pedestrians who also decided … Continue reading Working With What You Have

Through Museums and What I Found There

Museums are great places to hang out. They contain plenty of information that one would probably never look up on one's own, they have open spaces to relax in after hours of walking, they have over-priced cafeteria food for when you're hungry, and a few of them even have interactive displays or live shows. Museums … Continue reading Through Museums and What I Found There