Through Museums and What I Found There

Museums are great places to hang out. They contain plenty of information that one would probably never look up on one's own, they have open spaces to relax in after hours of walking, they have over-priced cafeteria food for when you're hungry, and a few of them even have interactive displays or live shows. Museums … Continue reading Through Museums and What I Found There

Biomimicry and…Technomimicry?

I recently started following Rachel Armstrong on Twitter. She's an interdisciplinary researcher that is merging the fields of natural and built environments. Her TED Talk, "Creating carbon-negative architecture" is pretty interesting; creating protocells that help construct materials and structures seems like a great way to blend fields together. In a way, natural elements are creating human-planned structures. I … Continue reading Biomimicry and…Technomimicry?

Biomimicry in the Built Environment

I recently stumbled upon (in the interweb sense) this video by Michael Pawlyn, an architect that concentrates on sustainable architecture, discussing the topic of Biomicmicry and its uses in Architecture. I have never really heard of Biomimicry before, but as I watched the video I became very intrigued by the prospect. Using nature as a … Continue reading Biomimicry in the Built Environment