Less is More

I guess I can now say that I am officially a “published” writer. I recently joined the many volunteer writers at the Urban Times, an “optimistic, forward-thinking” online magazine. Through my various Twitter link-following, I came across the recently started online magazine and noticed that they were (and still are) looking for writers that share the same “optimistic, forward-thinking” attitude. Intrigued, I decided to apply, and now I have another outlet to get my writing and thoughts about the world’s future out into the interwebs! I’m pretty happy about that.

I have to admit it’s not my best piece of writing, and there are certainly many more typos than I would have preferred. I was expecting the editors (who look at the posts before they officially appear on the website) to catch my mistakes and correct them, but I guess they don’t do that, or maybe my editor was a little too tired when reading my post. Either way, I guess I’ll have to be more careful and actually re-read my writing more thoroughly to catch my mistakes, it’s something I rarely do, so I guess it’s a good habit to develop anyway. I don’t want to give off a bad impression (although I’m not off to a good start). I’m more used to just writing unfiltered rants, it’s much more therapeutic, but of course, reading those rants later can be a nightmare.

Anyway, check out my first article: Less is More and tell me what you think! I have a few more ideas for future posts on the Urban Times, but don’t worry, I”ll still come up with original content here on my personal site. The beauty of having a personal blog is that you don’t have to be careful about what you say and there are no rules to follow but your own (and I guess some of the governments’). My blog will consist of mostly opinions and thoughts that may not necessarily be backed up with hardcore research or evidence. So you can check out my writing on both sites, the content and tone will be slightly different.

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