Ok, it’s Official…

Hollywood’s new thing is Fairy tales.

I have to admit I didn’t believe it at first, but I guess all signs pointed to it. There has a been a recent rise of fairy-tale like tv shows, from ABC’s Once Upon A Time  to NBC’s Grimm and even Syfy’s Neverland. Also, there was a new take on Little Red Riding Hood that came out in theatres awhile ago. I admit that I haven’t actually seen any of the shows or movie I just mentioned (because quite frankly, most of them don’t look that good at all), but I hope to some time (when I have nothing better to do). But now I came across this:

Yes, it’s official, it seems like the new thing is reworking Fairy Tales. I can’t complain I suppose, like I said before, I like reworked fairy tales. But too much of a good thing becomes a bad thing, and if anyone knows how to make something unbearable, it’s Hollywood. Two Summers ago, it seemed like the trend of movies was Alien movies, from Skyline, District 9, Avatar… which prompted the the start of TV shows like The Event and Falling Skies. I didn’t use to notice these kinds of trends, but when so many movies and films started coming up that I was interested in (or at least curious about), I knew something was up.

For those of you who start raising eyebrows at this new version of Snow White (which is understandable, it has Kristen Stewart in it), from what I can tell, the movie remains truer to the original tale than you might think. While there seems to be no mention of the iconic seven dwarfs, there was indeed a Huntsman whom the Queen ordered to go and kill Snow White. But after seeing her beauty, the Huntsman could not bring himself to kill Snow White and let her go. So I guess this story expands upon that idea, which is certainly a different spin on things (although a sword-wielding Snow White does seem odd, but yay for gender equality).

Anyway, just thought I’d mention the trend, the current entertainment market needs to start diversifying before they make a trend of spoiling genres.

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