Future Of Forestry: Close Your Eyes

I know many people have not heard of this band before, but I highly recommend giving them a chance. Future of Forestry is a San Diego band featuring a variety of multi-talented musicians with an interesting style of music. Their name derives from a poem by C.S. Lewis called “The Future of Forestry” which is an interesting piece on technological advances and natural resource consumption. They use a many different kinds of instruments from the traditional rock instruments drums, guitar, and bass but also mix in a harmonium, mandolin, cello, saw-bow, glockenspiel and probably a myriad of other instruments I cannot name. I really like their style, use of rhythms and thought-provoking lyrics, it’s a shame they don’t tour in the Midwest or East Coast very often. Also, the fact that the lead musician/songwriter, Eric Owyoung is often seen with a traditional Asian gown and a pair of jeans is also pretty cool. I’m not a fashion expert, but I like the idea of mixing Eastern and Western Cultures (which probably explains why I cannot wait for the new TV show The Legend of Korra).

But yeah, give them a listen, this song was (and still is) one of my early favorites by FOF, it’s very chill. I just found this music video but apparently its been on Youtube for awhile.


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